Fraud Statement

Country-Wide Insurance Company is committed to preventing, detecting, and fighting fraud. Our underwriters, claims representatives, attorneys and special investigators are trained to identify fraud and work closely with the Fraud Division of the New York State Department of Financial Services and State and Federal law agencies.

Suspected fraudulent activities including rate evasion, misrepresentation and falsified or exaggerated claims are immediately reported to the Fraud Division for further investigation and possible civil penalties. If, after a thorough investigation, fraud is verified, Country-Wide Insurance Company will take further action which may include policy voidance and/or the denial of related claims.

In addition, Country-Wide Insurance Company carefully monitors and reviews all claims and quickly investigates any claims suspected of fraud.

Our goal at Country-Wide Insurance Company is to provide quality insurance at an affordable price. Fraud is the largest contributing factor to the higher cost of insurance and Country-Wide is committed to fighting this fraud.

To Report Any Suspected Fraud In Strict Confidence:

Call Country-Wide Insurance Company at 212-344-8700

(Press option 6 for our SIU Fraud Hotline)

The Fight Against Fraud Is Everyone’s Business!


Fraud can occur in any aspect of a claim, from a staged accident, to a body shop enhancing damage, or even charging for work that was not performed. Doctors or medical providers can be involved in fraud by billing for treatment that was not given or was not necessary.

  • If you are in an accident and have a camera, take pictures of all vehicles and send them to Country-Wide.
  • After an accident, obtain as much information as you can and always call the police.
  • If you are injured, compare the bill with the treatment you received.
  • Review the repair bill to your car to make sure that all charges are legitimate.
  • Watch out for “runners.” These are individuals who are improperly paid a referral fee to “steer” you to a certain doctor or lawyer.
  • Remember to call the Country-Wide Fraud Hotline immediately if you suspect anything suspicious about your claim!