Our Brokers

By working with a broker who maintains an open account with Country-Wide Insurance Company, you can get competitive car insurance coverage while having the luxury of a neighborhood professional insurance consultant and adviser. Your broker may have accounts with many insurance carriers and will help you make the right choice, getting you the appropriate coverage at the lowest possible rates. We are confident that in most cases, Country-Wide will turn out to be the best fit for your car insurance needs.

The Broker is a Trusted Adviser

Many people buy their insurance from other types of insurance companies directly, online, and without the services of an independent insurance broker. You can find a do-it-yourself movement in most areas within the financial services industry.

To succeed as a do-it-yourself insurance buyer without guidance and consultation from an independent insurance broker, you need to learn about all the complex financial and legal risks that you face, and study the types of insurance coverage available to allow you to insure against those risks. These steps can be very complicated and time consuming. Doing it wrong could cost you every penny you have if you fail to buy the right type of insurance protection and an accident or lawsuit jeopardizes or threatens your finances.

So by working with an independent insurance broker who represents us, you can get competitive insurance coverage through a consultant and adviser to help you understand the risks that you face and the insurance you need to buy to protect yourself. This is much easier and safer than the do-it-yourself method.